Aggiornamenti: Milestone 0.4.5


Cari Azerotthiani

Dopo soli 5 giorni dalla nostra ultima release…ecco un altro fantastico pacchetto di aggiornamenti che avevamo in servo per voi per la release 0.4.x. !


MILESTONE: 0.4.5 [ 2016, AVRIL 15 – AVRIL 20 ]
{GAME_SERVER} RBG now allows you to join Warsong Gulch, Arathi Basin and Eye of The Storm. Sota, Alterac and Isle of Conquest are now available only via direct join [Yehonal]
{GAME_SERVER} Some fixes to cross-faction BG ( still cosmetic issues in panel, but it’s perfectly doable now ) [Yehonal]
{GAME_SERVER} Fix interrupt on Arcane Missiles [Sceicco]
{GAME_SERVER} Fix combat mechanic activation ( avoid in combat on some spells e.g slice and dice) [Sceicco]
{GAME_SERVER} Fix Tidal Force [Sceicco]
{GAME_SERVER} Fix activation of Blood Tap, even if rune blood is converted in death [Sceicco]
{GAME_SERVER} Fix size of exotic pets [Sceicco]
{GAME_SERVER} Fixed various issues of spellreflect on some secondary spell effects (e.g. shadowflame stun) [Sceicco]
{GAME_SERVER} Fix call of the wild (hunter) must have effect only on owner and pet [Sceicco]
{GAME_SERVER} Minor fixes to a Kharazan [Sceicco]
{GAME_SERVER} Fix Shadowmeld (rogue) [Sceicco]
{GAME_SERVER} Some fixes on evade problem [Sceicco]
{GAME_SERVER} Fix to various proc (Inspiration on prayer of mending, Fel Armor, trinkets ulduar and other spells) [Sceicco]
{GAME_SERVER} Fix Spell Lock (warlock) [Sceicco]
{GAME_SERVER} fixed point reset bug for arena 1vs1 in some cases [ Yehonal ]
{GAME_SERVER} Allow weapon switching during Bladestorm [ Sceicco ]
{GAME_SERVER} fix Cyclone vs Bladestorm [ Sceicco ]
{GAME_SERVER} Fix Felhunter Spell-Lock [ Sceicco ]


{WEB_SERVER} Implemented web calendar for events [ Yehonal ]


Other minor fixes to contents and server stability.



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